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TeamFortress 2 (beta)

Tuesday, September 18th, 2007

I have done the impossible! I have uninstalled Counter-Strike… and replaced it with TeamFortress 2. It’s different, but still fun in its own way. Regardless, hopefully I can finally shed myself of CS. It’s been long enough; it’s time to move on.


Saturday, September 15th, 2007

It seems that I have once again been binging myself on anime. I’ve already gone through Desert Punk, Rune Soldier, and Madlax. Before the weekend is over, I might be finished with Outlaw Star too. I have plenty more lined up after this, but I think I will have my fill soon enough. If nothing else, I think I have begun to embrace the excesses of my life. There are certainly worse things that I could be doing, and so even what I would consider an excess for myself might still be considered tame by many standards.

It is already mid-September, and the TeamFortress 2 beta starts soon. I have to wonder, will this be the game that steers me away from Counter-Strike? I can only hope that is that case. Even though they have radically changed the game, I still have nostalgic memories of the old days when I used to play QuakeWorld TF. While I am probably too busy these days for league play, I have high hopes that it will still be fun enough to entertain me. Now that the weather is cooling, I might have a reason to start using my computer again.

One thing that I will probably have to do soon is get a new pair of glasses. It’s been a long time, and my vision has deteriorated quite dramatically since the last time I went and got a new prescription. It’s such a mundane task, but one that I seem to have been too lazy to do. Alas, I know that I should go ahead and just get it taken care of. Sometimes, it truely is hard to motivate myself to do certain things even when they don’t require much effort on my part. Sometimes though, I think that it is not so bad that I choose to see the world as a blur instead of an object that is in focus.