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April showers bring…

Tuesday, May 15th, 2007

May flowers.

How I hate having allergies sometimes. This whole month has been nothing but a breathing irritant. To help combat this, I’ve done what I could to remain mostly indoors, but hopefully by June it will be safe to venture outside again. Although, I guess by then it will be too hot to want to go outside anyways.

I can’t say there has been all that much going on lately. Work has been busy but fairly steady, but I have a feeling things will go into mass panic in another few weeks. I really haven’t had much time to myself lately either. It seems like I’m always trying to squeeze stuff into the day, but the days are just not long enough for me to do everything. Sometimes it makes me wonder if there is too much stuff I have to do or if I’m just not being efficient enough with what time I do have.

Protected: State of Being

Wednesday, May 2nd, 2007

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Wednesday, May 2nd, 2007

Recently, I’ve spent a fair amount of time watching a couple of anime series. I ended up watching all of Berserk. It was sad to know that the ending left a lot of questions and that there would be no more in the future. Instead, I went ahead and perused the latter events as they were depicted in the manga. I have a feeling that this happens a lot with anime series. They plan a product, and after a while they run out of money and things end up feeling rushed or unsettled. It’s kind of a bummer that this is how it ends up being sometimes. I guess closure is sometimes too much to ask for.

I have a few more queued up, and hopefully those end up being decent.