Restlessly Recovered

Talk about a completely unproductive day. A cycle of eating, napping, and listening to music pretty much sums up the entire day. I try to generally conserve energy, but sometimes I think I go a little overboard. If nothing else, at least I am sure that I am ready to start doing stuff again. Too much rest leads to atrophy.

I need to slow down on learning music theory until I get my instrument. Going through some general theory is very slow and painful right now. I can already feel it sucking the life out of me. I think it will become much more interesting once I am able to get some hands-on time and play while learning. I find it a little strange that I am so hands-on now with most of my projects. I remember when I was much younger and in school, I used to always go through manuals and go over theory first before ever touching anything. I guess maybe I’ve learned enough theory that I feel confident that I can pick up the theory as I progress through reality.

I am so ready to start experimenting. Even though I have no official ETA, it should arrive at some point this week. I pretty much have just about everything that I think I will need to get started. However, I am missing a stand. So, that is something I will have to rectify soon. The anticipation will only continue to grow as the week goes on. I can’t wait to get cracking! There will be pain involved; but what doesn’t kill me only serves to make me stronger.

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