Soothing Recovery

The past few days have calmed my slightly frayed mind and body. It’s been nicely quiet and without any major jolts. I’ve been able to keep any strenuous activity to a minimum, and so my senses have had time to rest and recuperate from all of the activities earlier in the week.

It makes me wonder if the remainder of my weekend will also be this relaxed, or if there will be more physical and mental tests applied to the body and mind. If so, I will have to make sure I have enough energy in my system to appropriately handle it without getting tired. For sure though, I will make sure that I am able to get some rest Sunday evening so that I can be properly ready for the upcoming week.

I’ve definitely been more disciplined this past week about feeding myself than the latest couple of weeks. This is a positive sign and will only help reinforce my ability to continue this trend once I need to re-focus again. This should serve as a reminder to myself that, despite all things, some personal time is a necessity for the overall health of the numerous goals that I am trying to achieve.

The upcoming week will temporarily be the last of having plenty of time to spare. I believe that in the following week, I will be very busy with training and work. I am also sure that soon after training is completed, I will be expected to push through a new implementation of the ticketing system at work. I can already tell that it probably won’t be much fun, and potentially very tedious, but it will probably make the system more tolerable to use. I still actually have to prepare for it this upcoming week by going through the rest of the user manual first. Ugh. Work really does never stop.

Overall, it has been a rather interesting summer so far. There has been progress on many major fronts, and I believe that things appear to generally be headed in a positive direction. Even though it is not over yet, I am confident that once it has passed, and I am able to reflect upon the memories, this summer will be seen as a period of time that I succeeded in finally getting the ball rolling where I wanted it to go.

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