Glimpse Ahead

After plowing full steam ahead for a while, I’ve finally managed to find some time to slow down and reflect a little bit over what has happened recently. I am in an interesting place; one that I do not think I have really been in for a very long time. While I think the physical body has suffered (but survived) lately, I think that my overall mental and spiritual health are in a very good state.

There are still many things that need to get done at work, but compared to recent events, they are not anywhere near the same level of scale as my previous project. I am sure that I can go ahead and get those hammered out eventually. I will be taking on additional responsibility in the future though, so perhaps my thoughts on things will change.

I am still waiting for my harp to arrive. I believe that it will come either closer to the end of this upcoming week, or the week after at the latest. I still need to buy some training materials and other things, but I will hopefully be able to get those ordered soon before the harp arrives.  I did already get a basic book on music theory, so I will have to try and read some of that as time permits.

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