What are wii thinking?

I have to say that I’m slightly disappointed in Nintendo’s starting price of $250. However, they will still probably sell out regardless. Shoot, I know I’ll still buy one anyways just for Zelda. By next year the price will have to be at $200 or less I think in order to effectively effectively gain large chunks of market share from Microsoft and Sony. This is Nintendo basically maximizing profits.

Sony is going to probably end up taking a beating, but, overall, it will probably still be the leader out of the consoles by two years time. However, I think they will definitely not be as dominate as with the PS1 and PS2. The PS3 just straight up costs too much. It’ll need to drop in price a bit before the masses will try and splurge on something like that… and lets not even start on how much games will cost now.

I’m glad Bioware is releaseing Jade Empire for the PC next year. Good ol’ Bioware is still giving it’s old PC RPG gamers something to wait for.

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