Master of Magic

Master of Magic was released on PC in September 1994. Today, May 2013, practically 20 years later, I can finally say that I have played a perfect game with my first 100% score finish in Impossible mode.

To think I almost threw the towel on this one when I ran into an enemy wizard right after I lost all my initial troops trying to take an adjacent neutral city (which meant I was now trapped in a peninsula with only my starting Gnoll city) within the first 30 turns. I feared the worst when I had to reject Gunther and Brax early on, but I lucked out and got Shuri with Agility soon after. I got her geared well enough that by the time the wizard turned hostile I was barely able to hold off against a stream of Gorgons and Rangers. I got Zaldron as my second hero and he almost died many times to Rangers and Horsebowmen attacking my capital. Once Shuri’s gear was done, I went on the offense and took the continent, which was full of cities. On my approach to finishing the last city of the first wizard off, I ran into the second wizard and ended up getting Awareness. This allowed me to avoid fighting multiple fronts as I then took over the majority of Arcanus fighting one wizard at a time. Getting Serena with extra spellcasting geared up helped hold territory as I pushed across Arcanus.  Zaldron basically sat at home for most of the game and provided a minor boost for my overland casting. This was one of the few games I somehow did not get Phantom Beast or Spell Blast in my spellbook, so I ended up using Phantom Warriors all game and had to keep the enemy wizards banished to avoid spellcasting retaliation. However, I got Haste later, so Shuri was able to take down nodes in Myrror as part of the mop-up to clear my spellbook and research the Spell of Mastery.

The question is: Now what?

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